Friday, March 25, 2005

Morty Seinfeld Memorium Go! 

I am extremely proud to report that all three initiatives of the Morty Seinfeld Memorium were spearheaded last night.

1. They Might Be Giants rocked the hell out of The House of Blues last night. It's the fifth time I've seen them and never before had I seen them, essentially, open for themselves. This is where Andy Richter was featured. For the "opening act" Richter stood behind a podium and read the stirring intros to each of TMBG's "venue songs" -- songs written and inspired by, well, the venues they had just played on the last tour (i.e. Dallas, Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Albany, Minneapolis, LA House of Blues, Anaheim House of Blues, etc). It was pretty entertaining if not completely novel. Then, later, they came on to do a full, proper set complete with double encore. They were pushing most of the new stuff off "Here Come the ABCs" and "The Spine," but managed to integrate some of the classics like "Ana Ng," "She's an Angel," "Particle Man," "Don't Let's Start," and "Birdhouse In Your Soul." I was kind of miffed that left off the playlist were both "The Guitar" (a staple of the previous shows I'd seen) and perhaps their most famous hit, "Istanbul." You know what? I'm okay with that. I've heard that song infinity times. I haven't heard it as much as Mike, though. Last night was the 40th time he's seen the band!

2. U of A! U of A! Salim! Salim Stoudamire! Hitting the game-winning jumper with 2.8 seconds left! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! The madness! I love it! Arizona shot the lights out, too, and still weren't able to pull away from a tough Oklahoma State squad who capitalized on 2nd chance points, turnovers, and poor free throw shooting from the Wildcats to stay in the game until the last 2.8 seconds. Salim! Moreover: Hassan! Hassan Adams had a killer game. Maybe the most athletic player in the college game today, my boy did me proud last night. Phenomenal performance.

Kind of disappointing to see fellow Pac 10 brethren, Washington, lay such an egg against Louisville. Would've been nice if the conference had two elite 8 squads as opposed to just the one. Arizona vs Illinois on Saturday should be another classic.

By the way, West Virginia is one win away from the Final Four. What the crap?!

3. I am one echinacea tablet away from being rid of this infernal cold forever! Huzzah!

Oh man, and today is a half-day at work because it is "Good Friday" (whatever the hell that means) which is freaking great. Tonight, looks like I'll be seeing a Muppet cover band. Yes, you read that correctly. A band who covers songs by The Muppets. How epic is that?

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