Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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This past Sunday, I entertained thoughts of possibly seeing The Ring Two. Then I thought to myself, "Well, that seems a bit odd. I mean, I did like the first one, but I'm not just busting to go see the sequel. Hey, come to think of it, I haven't been to a movie theater in what? Two months? Why is that, I wonder?"

The top ten grossing movies for the weekend of March 18th (as cut&pasted from IMDb):

1. The Ring Two (2005) $35.1M $35.1M
2. Robots (2005) $21M $66.1M
3. The Pacifier (2005) $12.5M $72.3M
4. Ice Princess (2005) $6.81M $6.81M
5. Hitch (2005) $6.48M $159M
6. Hostage (2005) $5.99M $19.5M
7. Be Cool (2005) $5.87M $47.3M
8. Million Dollar Baby (2004) $4.02M $89.9M
9. Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005) $2.4M $47.7M
10. Constantine (2005) $2.33M $70.4M

"Ah," I realize. "Now I understand."

From this list, I've only seen Million Dollar Baby and still might catch The Ring Two only because I could see it for free if I wanted at Arclight's Cineramadome. But really, who wants to see any of these? Sheesh, the first quarter of the year is such a trash heap for movies. Yet you look at the business that The Pacifier and Hitch are doing and you think, "God, why don't I just end it all now?"

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