Friday, March 18, 2005

Productivity: None 

The NCAA has totally sapped me of being at all productive this morning. Maybe I'll get something done around 2pm when there's a lull between games.

Also, I can't understand why I woke up slightly woozy this morning. I mean, I only had four Guinness plus an Irish car bomb to celebrate Green Beer Day and went to bed just before 2am. What gives? Weird. Didn't feel that drunk. FYI - bars still suck on Green Beer Day. Unless of course you show up for liquid breakfast at 8am and stake at a spot right in front of the bartender. Then it's different. But otherwise? Definitely not worth the hassle. Still. Won't be fooled again.

On tap for tonight (get it? on tap? I'm a genius): Dive bar central. A.K.A. The Powerhouse

Saturday: The Grilled Cheese Invitational. Perhaps the most fun I've had at any themed-party-grilled-cheese-alcohol-crazed-mushroom-enhanced-make-your-own-T Shirt-artsy-party ever.

And, of course, more March Madness. Games were fairly dull on the whole yesterday, but the matchups for the second round look a hell of a lot better.

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