Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some stuff 

- I'm still not sure how I feel about the South African capital of Pretoria being renamed to Tshawne. On the one hand, the change signifies a further break from the old regime (even though the city was founded and named back in the 1855 -- pre-Apartheid). On the other, the country I still refer to as home is changing more and more to the point where I wonder if I'd even recognize it when I go back. We cling to our memories and mine, regarding South Africa, are very fond despite the political climate at the time.

- Dan Rather is finally stepping away from the anchor desk at CBS. In my opinion, his resignation is long overdue. Rather, especially when compared to Jennings and Brokaw (and even Brian Williams, for that matter), just seemed so out of touch. Over the last few years, he's been down right laughable.

- A congressional committee plans to subpoena seven baseball stars and get their testimony regarding steroids in the major leagues. Personally, I think this is a bit of a waste of time as far as congressional resources go. Surely there are more pressing societal issues than whether or not Jose Canseco juiced up after batting practice. This is not to say that the issue of steroid use among players should not be dealt with (it has surely tarnished baseball for the forseeable future), but it really is an in-house matter and something that the commissioner and players' union should be able to hammer out without congress intervening.

- Almost a non-story in as much as it probably won't weigh very much on the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) mind, but because Americans can't stand the French, Lance Armstrong's support of Paris' 2012 bid and not New York's makes headlines. Fact is, on a purely spatial level, Paris does seem better equipped to handle the Olympics. At this stage, they are the frontrunners to get the bid. However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if New York received it. Forget how congested the city is. All you have to know is September 11th.

- I'd be remissed if I didn't mention some college basketball, but the following is actually a negative note. Oakland's upset of Oral Roberts is the very reason why conference tournaments are in desperate need of severe modification. Oakland will be going to the NCAA tournament with a losing record (12-18) while the Mid-Continent Conference's regular season champion, Oral Roberts (25-7) will not. If that doesn't seem fair to you, it's because it is not. For clubs like Oral Roberts and Davidson University and any other tiny conference regular season champ, it is an injustice and a painful one at that.

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