Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stuff I found this morning online 

Yeah, just a random assortment of stuffness.

To begin, this still can't be categorized as a "good" thing -- death is almost never good -- but it seems the nation will finally get a reprieve from the Terri Schiavo theatrics. It really bothers me, by the way, that the media insists on pasting that image of Schiavo as a peppy, healthy 17 year-old -- praying on your sympathies and manipulating the impecable intellect of the American public. Hey, does anyone else find it ironic that they made such a big deal about Terry Schiavo's feeding tube, when the reason she was in that state was an eating disorder? Food (oooh) for thought.

Hey, some Three Tenors action! Remember The Other Guy? You know? Not Pavarotti or Domingo, but the other one? Anyway, Reuters wants you to know that he doesn't have an inferiority complex. Huh. Well, shit.

Final Four coming up this weekend. I'll be stunned if we don't see an Illinois vs. North Carolina matchup in the final on Monday night. I just can't see Louisville or Michigan State pulling it off on Saturday. Anyway, the Illini will be sans mascot. The headline, by the way, says Chief Illiniwek is "benched." Really? Benched? Was he turning the ball over too much? With cases like these (as with the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, and Florida State Seminoles) I'm of the mind that if it pisses one Native American off, it's probably grounds to switch mascots. How weird would it be to see the Chicago Polachs? Or the New York Jews?

Some soccer news. Good performance last night for team USA, knocking off Guatamala 2-0 in a World Cup qualifier they had to have. Following the loss to Mexico last Sunday, it's imperative that USA win the winnable games. This go around, that means six wins against Guatamala, Trinidad & Tobago, and Panama (I know, all real powerhouses). Oh by the way, Landon Donovan will be returning to MLS to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. MLS' 10th season kicks off this weekend. Snuck right up on me.

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