Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Surprise, F'ing Surprise 

- Shower is backed up again. Freaking shocker! I woke up this morning and stumbled to the bathroom only to see that there was dirty bathwater up to just below my knees from whoever took the last shower. It was just floating there, not receding even a little. Gross.
My house:
A) A dilapidated piece of shit
B) Lorded over by monkeys (we send them rent money!)

I hear a rumor that we'll have a plumber coming tomorrow night. Again, tomorrow night. Sweet. In the meantime, I'll be showering at the gym. I look forward to a time where I don't have to say with regularity, "I prefer showering at the gym." Because no one prefers showering at the gym. It's the gym! Fucking ridiculous.

- Lakers have fallen below mediocrity. Pathetic back-to-back losses on the road against Toronto and, last night, the Knicks. That's right, both of those teams suck. Badly. Both games the Lakers fail to score a single point in the last 2:30. What? Listening to the New York debacle on the radio was nothing short of infuriating. First the improbable run to force overtime got my spirits high. Then they follow up with a series of pre-school mistakes. Brian Grant fumbling easy pass after easy pass when he's alone under the basket. Chucky Atkins tripping on Stephon Marbury and gifting New York the game-winning free throws. Luke Walton passing up an open shot to tie the game in the dying seconds and LA not ending up getting a shot at all. Bloody pre-schoolers out there. Kobe's gotta be livid. F'ing Tim Thomas of the Knicks went off for 35 points. Tim Thomas... Tim Thomas?!? Embarrassing.

- Diary of a Mad Black Woman? Bah? Never heard of it before five days ago. Guess what? It's #1 at the box office. Huh.

- The show I work on is popular and I hate it. I don't hate the steady work it provides. I hate everyone of the castmembers... again. Lots of action in production, I suppose. But who cares? They're all no more charismatic or interesting than vomit on the bathroom floor. This isn't really anything new, just spurred on by reading the latest round of director's notes in which flagrant homophobia, excessive tears, and melodramatic trivial problems like, "When should we start drinking and do we need to get burritos later," rule the day. Cultural phenomenon indeed. It's not going anywhere any time soon, either.

- But there is reason to smile. It's March. That means college basketball morphs from a passionate obsession into an all-consuming fiery inferno of bliss. That means March Madness and the single greatest annual sporting event in America. Selection Sunday is on the 13th. Be prepared.

- It also means concerts. Good concerts with good bands at good venues. Later this week I've got Sage Francis and OK Go on back-to-back nights. Later in the month, They Might Be Giants. Surely, this will be awesome awesomeness.

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