Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yo, Laker fan! You totally got F'd in the A. 

Man, you know it's crunch time when the '04-'05 Lakers decide to go into the toilet in a frantic hurry. You'd never know we are currently mired in the homestretch of a playoff push after seeing their solid 32-37 record - a healthy five games below .500. But wait, the Lakers are also proud owners of an eight game losing streak! Yay! Only Atlanta (read: worst record in the NBA) lost more games consecutively.

So now, the Lakers can plan ahead for next year secure in the knowledge that they are all but out of this year's playoff race. What to do with this roster? Quite the dilemma. Well, obviously, it needs to be gutted. You've already sunk all the franchise's money into Kobe, so you have to keep him. Otherwise? No one is sacred. Not even Lamar Odom who they'll need to trade if only to pick up a couple extra parts. Addition by subtraction, you see. Caron Butler should definitely be dealt. Looking at the lineup now, I think you aim to retain:
Chris Mihm
Brian Cook
Sasha Vujacic
Jumaine Jones
(maybe Luke Walton and Chucky Atkins, too, though their departures wouldn't be too painful)

Ditch the rest. Scrap this team, now.

First thing is first, though. How about a freaking coach?! I'm barking for Paul Silas.

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