Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Funniest hour currently on American TV... 

...is on tonight. That would be the NBC duo of Scrubs and Americanized The Office. I'm currently mowing through season two of the latter's UK version, which I find to be better than it's American counterpart, but the new incarnation does make me laugh something fierce. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it since, aside from selected sports, I've nearly entirely abandoned the concept "appointment television."

What I'm watching in no particular order:
Scrubs - Now with more regularity. Used to be only when I was home.
The Office - Missed the pilot, but this is a staple.
Lost - Caught them all so far.
Arrested Development - I'm an awful, reprehensible person for not having seen every episode of season 2.
Project Greenlight - When it's on.

I don't have HBO, but if I did you could bet your ass that I'd be watching Deadwood. The first season is so choice.

The Daily Show has become my red-headed step-child. I love it, but it is woefully neglected. And Adult Swim is just flat out beaten. Though I only really ever watch it anymore for Sealab 2021, if at all.

Oh, and I always seem to be falling asleep before Late Night with Conan O'Brien because I'm an idiot. Although late night reruns of Cheers have been substituting quite nicely.

Exciting post, isn't it?

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