Friday, April 01, 2005

I respect you. 

April Fool's!

Man, that never gets old. Comedy. Speaking of which, lots of fun stuff today (some of it not even funny!).

Firstly, last night's Wimbledons show was excellent. I was on the list at The Viper Room. Finally, I'm somebody! No, really, I'm not anybody. But the brothers Lefler+Dean put on another great show all the same. $75 bar tab? The hell?

Before heading over to The Viper Room to catch the show, however, I went to an interview/Q&A deal over at Meltdown Comics. I don't know if I ever thought I would do that, but it was to go hear Grant Morrison talk. I've read his X-Men run, We3, and some Animal Man thanks to Asa -- and those are all great -- but I don't think I ever fully comprehended the awesome and the crazy that is Grant Morrison. Here's me before the Q&A: "So I guess you guys are going to this, what, thing? 'Kay. I'll kill some time." After: "Holy fuck! Did you guys hear/see/experience that?! Motherfucker is capital-C-Crazy Cool." Yeah, you could say Grant Morrison really left an impression on me. I think I could listen to his melodic Scottish accent romanticize the art of story telling and spout truly insane experiences all day long. He's bloody mad! Jeff knows exactly what I'm talking about, as he, Asa, Emory, and Leslie were all there too. Given who we're talking about, I think it would be fair to say the following: Grant Morrison is a powerful drug. Excellent stuff. After the questions, Asa was able to get him to offer up some title suggestions (SKREEEE!) for the upcoming Mayday 3 contest. Asa and I both had to avert our eyes, though, while Morrison was happily jotting down titles, because it'd be cheating if we knew the titles ahead of time (it would be unfair to the others if we already knew the title that everyone has to use). I actually gasped under my breath, "This is so cool." Dude? I turned into a fan boy. Though you should have seen some of the characters present at this thing. Full-on nerds, man. Just... wow.

Excellent stuff, you say? Indeed. We still all mourn the passing of comedic genius Mitch Hedberg. Roberto the Hakushaku puts the loss into perspective. I'm sure that all of you, like myself, will be nodding your heads every step of the way as you read his entry. Especially regarding all the Schiavo bullshit and how death can not greet Jerry Falwell soon enough. Favorite line:
"And the Pope……don’t get me started on the damn pope. For Christ sake die already." The Pope is a robot, by the way.

This is a trend I can get behind. Seems like these incidents are popping up every time an uber-conservative opens their yap. Fuck you, Pat Buchanan. If you dig on Buchanan, then fuck you too. That is not an April Fool's joke.

The King of Pop "won" the coveted 'Most Foolish American' title (Such a thing exists? Meh) for the third time. Silly Jacko, touching little boys in their bathing suit area is foolish. Now you're the fool because you touched little boys while playing "The Secret Game." Scott Peterson, you're second because, damn it, murder is just foolish, you silly goose. Hey, how come no non-celebrities were on this list? Like, where the hell are the votes for Jim, your asshole neighbor? Or that retarded kid that keeps falling off the swingset? Perhaps the most "foolish" thing about this list is that Patty from The Simpsons was deemed to be foolish because she's gay. What?! That's like saying Michael Jordan is should've made the list because he's black. Fuck you, morally-superior America.

Not funny or anything, but any of you Brits and soccer fans will appreciate the news that Alan Shearer, perhaps England's greatest striker, will delay his retirement for at least another year, as well as take on player-coach duties at Newcastle.

The Onion for sports. This week's issue of The Brushback is pretty great.

Happy April Fool's, all you, uh, people. I'm going to a "Sluts and Studs" party tonight. How stupid is that?

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