Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Interpreter, a dumbass, and Phil & Kobe 

The Interpreter is a very bizarre film, not because any of it's content is particularly shocking or riveting, but because leaving the theater I simply was unsure why it held my interest for a good 85% of the way. It certainly felt like a long two hours and for a "thriller/suspense" movie there are precious little thrills and even less suspense. The mystery surrounding the conspiracy within the film was hatched right out of a Fisher Price: My First Screenplay Kit -- which is strange considering A-list writers like Scott Frank and Steven Zaillian had their names attached to the script. Anyway, despite the absence of any mystery (problematic when you're watching a thriller), a myriad of plotholes due to shoddy police work, and some rather inane dialogue, The Interpreter isn't a film worthy of scorn or hate. If anything, the strong performances turned in by Penn and Kidman are enough to keep it afloat and were enough to keep me going. It's fair. Netflix it if you have to.

Hey, you want to talk about stupid? This is stupid.
"Genius, pure genius," said Fresno County Sheriff's Lt. Louis Hernandez.

Indeed, Lt. Hernandez. Indeed.

Thirdly, a new chapter in the Lakers saga? As the Lakers desperately search for a recognizable name, capable of reigning in Kobe, to coach the club, Phil Jackson's name keeps on popping up. The Zen Master met with Laker brass and is scheduled to meet with Bryant. Perhaps a return to the sidelines for Philip? I can only hope.

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