Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Know what bugs me? 

When it is very very very clear that you have just recently had a haircut and people still ask, "Did you get a haircut?" Will someone please just make the leap in logic that my hair no longer being shaggy means I've visited a barber? Please? Cripes. Then I'm the ass for having a sarcastic reply. "No, it was just falling out so I decided to brush it." C'mon.

I want my fucking car back!

I've been going through trials the last couple days. It began on Monday when I was running an errand during my lunch hour. Car started to act up a little, so I decided to pull over on to a side street as a precaution. I turned the engine off, but was unsuccessful at getting the engine to start again. I figure it's the battery. So I call one of my co-workers (I'm about 1-2 miles away from the office) to drive out and give me a jump start. He shows up, we hook up the cables, nothing. All we hear is this rapid clicking noise which sounds foreign to both of us. Normally, with a dead battery, you can at least hear the engine attempting to kick into gear. But no, just clicking. So I call AAA tow truck and they assure me they'll "be there in thirty minutes or less." Naturally, they take the full thirty before finally arriving. My friend from work has already left, so it's just me and the tow guy. I'm tell him what the problem is, he tries to start the car, hears the clicking, immediately says, "battery." Oh, obviously its the battery. What the hell have I been trying to do for the last half hour? So the tow guy gets his battery kit out, hooks it up to my battery, cars starts perfectly on the first try. Great! "Of course," he reminds me, "It will die on you later if you don't get it checked out." I know he's right and he offers to take me to a local mechanic who will have it fixed up and ready for me to drive by this afternoon. Normally, I would have just gone to a dealership since my car is still under warranty, but the Hyundai dealership in Van Nuys (ugh) closed months ago. I'm so lucky! So what the hell, I'll go to this mechanic.

We get to this little shop run by some guy named "Zareh." The AAA guy takes off immediately upon arrival. I find Zareh, tell him what the problem is.


He says to me, "Okay. Can not see car today. Too busy. You leave here and I call you tomorrow." Sweet! This is starting to get totally awesome. I agree to leave the car there overnight and have him call in the morning, get another friend to pick me up and drive me back to work.

That was Monday. Yesterday was Tuesday. Zareh said he would call at 9am. Of course, I don't hear from him, so finally I ring him up at 10am and ask, "YO Z? What the dilly?" He tells me, "Is alternator. Is cost $380. You want me fix?" All I can think about is how my tax refund just went down the toilet. I tell Z-nasty that I'll call him back and decide that I need to take advantage of the warranty I have on the car. So I call up Hyundai customer care, explain my situation, and ask if they can tow me from Z-diddly's shop to the nearest dealership. They can. Yay! But it's in Canoga Park. Boo! Still, I'd rather travel the extra 10-15 miles west than fork out $380.

My car gets to Canoga around noon and I speak to a friendly-sounding mechanic and describe what the trouble is. He says he'll get it all fixed up and taken care of and call me later this afternoon. 5pm rolls around and still no phone call. I try him and get voicemail. Call again at 6pm, again voicemail. Let's see if Wednesday is my lucky day!

Last Saturday, I went to see The Killers in concert. They put on a great show, but are really lacking in stage banter. Terrific performance was put on by the opening act, Tegan and Sara, who I'm really getting into. In fact, I'd be listening to their CD right now if it weren't in my bloody car. Damn it!

Stupid car. Thinks it's so smart. Stupid.

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