Monday, April 18, 2005

Nice job, Red Sox fan 

Some people might say this punishment is too harsh a price for interfering during a game -- even if it is Yankees vs. Red Sox. I say, its absolutely perfect. Send a message and make it crystal clear. Here's the thing, Chris House, if you're going to act like an asshole, you better expect to be treated like one. There's no place at sporting events for fan interference and the more that can be done to eliminate this unruly element from games, the better.

"I think it will probably curtail that type of thing from happening at other ballparks," Tampa Bay manager Lou Piniella said. "It'll keep the playing field safer, which is a concern. You hate to see a fan penalized, but what are you going to do?"

Screw the fan. He's clearly an ass!

"We applaud the Red Sox for decisively dealing with this matter," Steinbrenner said in a statement issued through spokesman Howard Rubenstein.

Me too. Agreeing with Steinbrenner feels so weird.

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