Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sean May 75 My Money 70 

Congrats are in order for North Carolina. My pre-season #1 looked every bit the champion in last night's finale thanks in very very very very large part to an outstanding game from tournament MVP, Sean May. The guy was unstoppable. Actually, last night's championship game, to me, mirrored the Illinois/Arizona game from 9 days earlier in virtually every way. The one and only difference between Arizona's loss and Carolina's win (and I mean only difference) is that Illinois just couldn't hit their shots last night. Channing Frye shredded them inside just as Sean May did last night. Hell of a time to have your worst shooting half of the year. My Money had their chances, though. They just couldn't capitalize.

Hey, Kansas fan. With KU getting upset in the first round by Bucknell and Roy Williams finally winning a national championship, is this your worst tournament ever? I'd imagine so.

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