Monday, April 04, 2005

Sin City, Final Four, and maybe more -- who knows 

Saw Sin City on Saturday. Pretty cool film. Here's the thing, I found it absolutely fascinating to watch. Visually it is just awesome, plain and simple. However, I don't know that the experience really got any deeper for me than that. This isn't necessarily a slight on the movie, but I left feeling like I wanted to really like this movie as opposed to just thinking it was good and well-crafted. I have not read the source material, but it is my understanding that Robert Rodriguez essentially lifted every single shot and aesthetic he possibly could straight from Frank Miller's pages and put them on the screen. I think he deserves a ton of credit for that. It actually felt several times like I was reading the comic. I'm sure that has everything to do with the noir-themed-narration (used to perfection). Strikes me as a little odd because, generally, I can't stand narration (unless its Morgan Freeman, that guy can narrate anything). But the narration in Sin City works incredibly well, especially when you realize that it would make for terrible, terrible dialogue. Its an interesting choice (and a risk) the film makes by using only precious few scenes of dialogue amidst so much narrating -- one that I hope doesn't become too popular -- and they managed to get it just right. The movie could probably stand to have slightly tighter pacing, but otherwise its really solid.

Shifting gears, Saturday's Final Four games were utterly predictable and pale in comparison to the amazing Elite Eight round matchups. However, Saturday's semis have set up the dream final that everyone hoops fan in the country was hoping for. #1 vs #2. Illinois vs. North Carolina. Should be a tremendous game. I'm rooting for my money. So really, for me, tonight championship games pits My Money vs. North Carolina. C'mon, my money! The key to the game is Carolina's Sean May. He's been nothing short of incredible during this tournament, leading the entire field in both scoring and rebounding. If My Money can manage to find a way to neutralize him, if only a little, then I think their chances look good. The backcourt matchups involving Raymond Felton, Rashad McCants, Deron Williams, Dee Brown, and Luther Head are mouth-watering. Coach Roy Williams is certainly no stranger to underachieving. I said at the beginning of the year that his North Carolina squad was the best in the nation. Now he has the chance to shed his odious reputation and capture that first elusive title. Meanwhile, My Money's Bruce Weber is an even more sentimental favorite. The guy lost his mother less than a month ago. Can you imagine how much he's going to cry if My Money wins?

Some knicks and knacks:

- I bought Closer on dvd yesterday and watched it last night. That movie is still so good and Clive Owen is still my fucking hero in it.

- Capt. Ca$h Milliondollars made an appearance at the aforementioned Sluts and Studs party this past Friday. A drunken stud, he was, receiving many an ass-smack and drinking many a shot. Good times.

- Related to the above, the Pope died. His successor? Everyone should start getting used to the name, "Pope Milliondollars."

- Common sense is entirely undervalued. In too many of my experiences in this world am I reminded of that. Things are definitely different on my home planet, Zartax 12.

- Did I mention SMRT-TV?

- Ever seen Secret of the Sword? Well, if you loved watching He-Man, then you did. I've had the theme song to the movie stuck in my head for the last couple days. Here are the glorious lyrics:

Somewhere out there, someone needs me/
Don't know how or where, but please believe me/
I'll walk the universe to find her/
For better or for worse beside her

For the honor of love/
By the power above/
I have the power/
I have the power

A stranger walked into my world/
And when he talked I really heard!/
He spoke of things like love and peace/
The joy they bring will never cease

For the honor of love/
By the power above/
I have the power/
I have the power

The truth of love will always guide us/
The strength above will be inside us/
Forever more we'll be together/
Our hearts are so one to each other

For the honor of love/
By the power above/
We have the power/
We have the power

So can you...

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