Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Balls, hooves, what have you (I'm so damn bored) 

From a sports perspective, these last several days have struck me as somewhat... I don't know... uninteresting? Yeah. Three NBA playoff series are looking at going six games minimum. Though, I'd still be shocked if the final four isn't Miami, Detroit, San Antonio, and Phoenix. Anything else would be an absolute stunner to me. Speaking of Phoenix, I fully expect them to whip Dallas tonight, scoring somewhere in the neighborhood of 125-130 points. No rhyme or reason why. That's just how the Suns do.

The bigger basketball story, mind you, is that the NBA may be on course to emulate the NHL. FYI: that's a bad thing. Let's not forget that people will move on with their lives if the NBA does happen to have a work stoppage. There's football to carry fans through January and pitchers and catchers report in February. If you're dying for a b-ball fix in between, it's called college and it's better.

This afternoon, CSKA Moscow became the first Russian soccer club to capture a European title after winning the UEFA Cup. How 'bout that. First Ruskie side ever.

Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo has 6-1 odds of winning the Preakness Stakes. It soooooo matters that he drew the 13th post. Or not. You're a little bit of a fucktard if you bet on him.

Moving on from bets back to actual sports, here's a competition that actually matters: The French Open. Kicks off on Monday. Some pundits think this guy could steal the show.

It's kind of a bummer that the English Premiership season is over. Looking forward to going to a local pub early Saturday morning to catch the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Manchester United. I'll be pulling for the Gunners, I suppose, who'll be without Thierry Henry - best striker in the world, if you ask me. And you did.

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