Monday, May 23, 2005

Go get 'em, boys 

Big ups to the 2,000 Coca Cola workers who went on strike today. If there's any company that can afford benefits, it's this one. I don't see myself on a picket line any time soon, but negotiations on my behalf, in my industry, are near. Now more than ever, I'm sensitive to what these Coca Cola strikers are going through.

Not to harp on the Suns' loss yesterday any further, but as this article cites, the Spurs know how to win. Phoenix, conversely, has been very suspect at closing out quarters, let alone games, for most of the playoffs. I don't know how much of that can be blamed on the absence of Joe Johnson, but there's no point in quibbling about that now. Killer instinct has to be consistent. Those fantastic runs are deflated when you let the other team back into it during the last two minutes.

French Open started today. So much for being the defending champion.

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