Thursday, May 19, 2005

Headline of the day and other assorted crap 

Here it is: Headline of the day.

Also, in a taste of the deliciously crass, here are your cookies of the day.

What else is going on this stupid Thursday. Cripes, at least it's not as stupid as Monday - Wednesday (so far). Still, generally stupid day.

George Lucas is stupid. No way this leak will affect him in the slightest. Although I'm hearing strange reports that Revenge of the Sith is decent. Zah? After II offended so horribly?

The Vikings told "The Whizzinator"" (Onterrio Smith), "Get the fuck out of camp, bitch!" Tee hee. Whizzinator. I figure I could talk forever about The Original Whizzinator. But I won't. Stupid.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories. Here's a solid debunking on the Shaq only has one MVP hoo-ha. Although, come on, he at least should have won over Iverson and Duncan's 1st.

Not stupid? Evolution. Even "lesser" pandas know about evolution. Of course more socially refined, giant black and white pandas know, but now the lessers are on board also. Hear that all you bible thumping, right wing chimps (our descendants) who want to eliminate that word from school? Even lesser pandas know!

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