Monday, May 09, 2005

How am I doing? 

Oh, hi there. I participated in Mayday this weekend. It was definitely... something. Actually, I feel better about the third installment from Team Lower Gatsby (myself and cohorts) than the others -- at least from a morning after point of view. We'll see if the film, Hope Decoyed, holds up over time. The title was meant to be Hope Decayed, but was read incorrectly during the title run-off and people just fell in love with the idea of decoying something. 14 happy sets of fools then proceeded to decoy to their heart's content. Turned out well, I think. I meant to only take a brief nap yesterday afternoon from 3-5, so that I could get back on a regular sleep cycle. I ignored my alarm and only awoke at 8. My body: betrayal. Turns out it didn't matter, though, because by 10p I was sound asleep again and showed up for work on time and everything. Mmm... sleep...

The first round of the NBA playoffs have concluded with no surprises and even fewer thrills. With rare exception, the NBA first round is consistently one of the most predictable things in all of sports. I thought game 7s were supposed to be worth a damn. Indiana beat Boston by 27 and Dallas beat Houston by 40! What?! These aren't game 7s, they're bullshit! An update on my predictions from earlier:

(April 21st predictions/Now)
Miami over New Jersey (5 games) Miami in 4
Washington over Chicago (6 games) Washington won in 6
Indiana over Boston (7 games) Indiana won in 7
Detroit over Philadelphia (5 games) Detroit won in 5
Phoenix over Memphis (5 games) Phoenix won in 4
Dallas over Houston (7 games) Dallas won in 7
Seattle over Sacramento (6 games) Seattle won in 5
San Antonio over Denver (7 games) San Antonio won in 5

2nd round
Miami over Washington (5 games) Miami leads 1-0
Detroit over Indiana (4 games)

Phoenix over Dallas (5 games)
San Antonio over Seattle (5 games) San Antonio leads 1-0

So, I'm off to a flying start, nailing each first round series with an inaccuracy of a mere five games. Pretty strong.

Another topic shift -- the next coming weeks may bring me great happiness from a career perspective. I was at a gathering this past Saturday that featured Al Jean from The Simpsons, John Wells of ER/West Wing fame, and hundreds of writers and editors. It would appear that wheels are in motion, excitement is in the air, and change in working conditions and compensation (for the better) are imminent. I really don't know how much more I can say about it, so I won't.

Finally, there's a baseball card of JP II. There's only a buzz about it because he is dead. There. I said it.

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