Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I felt like ass this morning 

That'll happen when you down $50+ in beer the night before without eating dinner 'cause you're just retarded like that. Seriously, I woke up still drunk. Did the whole stutter step to regain my equillibrium when getting out of bed and everything. I got to work and started slamming Advil like it was my job. Interesting that I took up this new job at my current job. Somewhere during the tail-end of my festive night (by the way, if you live in LA and weren't at The Wimbledons show last night, you're a little bit of a douche), enjoying a nice sit on the kitchen tile, propped up by the cabinet under the sink, it all came rushing back to me: I still haven't accomplished anything.

I don't need a return to darkness, but at the moment the tracks have me wheeling back down that path. Lots of extenuating circumstances that I don't feel comfortable mentioning on here, but suffice it to say that they're all starting to pop up at the same time.

"When it rains it snows, I wonder why.
And now I know, that when it rains it snows."

Anyway, at least there are some superficial interests to look forward to, such as the incredible run my boys have made in Europe. Very much looking forward to watching the Liverpool/Milan final tonight (and perhaps again, later) some time after the two hour season finale of Lost. Know what? I'm genuinely excited about tonight's episode. It promises (and, as a finale, is bound) to shed light on some of the mysteries surrounding the island. Plus last week's episode was really strong. I just realized this, but Lost is the only show I've watched every episode of this year. How 'bout that?

Hey, fascinating stuff on Mars. Here are some of the buzzwords within the article:
-The Mars rover
-Red Planet
-wet and violent history
-six-wheeled robot
-volcanic eruptions
-impact explosion

Look at that list and tell me this isn't the greatest sci-fi/monster/action/epic saga/article ever.

Sometimes I hate being right, but the simple fact is this: In the NBA, there are no upsets.
the Spurs again caught the Suns at the end to win Game 2 of the Western Conference finals 111-108 Tuesday night and take a commanding 2-0 series lead.
How big is it? No NBA team has won Games 1 and 2 of a seven-game series on the road this deep in the playoffs and failed to advance. And the Spurs, who are headed to San Antonio for the next two games starting Saturday, are the league's best home team.

Spurs only lost four games at home this year. Suns are dreaming if they think they'll get two in San Antonio. Too bad. I'm still rooting for them. Oh, and to those who doubt the importance of playoff experience, suck on this:
"They've all been there before and our guys are pretty new to this," said Phoenix's Steve Nash, who had 29 points and 15 assists. "I think it shows not in necessarily the lack of production from our guys, but the super production from their guys. They've been just phenomenal in the fourth quarter."

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