Monday, May 16, 2005

Let's play a game called "Not Crazy/Crazy" and other stupid crap 

Ready for the "game?" Cool! Okay, ready? Are you fucking ready?! Great. Okay:

Not Crazy.


Got it? Yeah? I'm sure you did well, no matter how low your opinion of yourself. Need a clue? Here's one. No bullshit, totally serious.

Hey, know what movie is surprisingly good? Unleashed. Yeah, I know! That trailer did look cool and was supposed to outshine the movie as a whole, but this film is totally satisfying -- particularly if you omit that nagging lack of conflict resolution from your memory.

Remember a little while back when I said people were up in arms about Malcolm Glazer seizing control of Manchester United? Yeah, I wasn't kidding. He may already be the most hated owner in history and he has yet to preside over even one game as the club's head gorilla.

Dude, guess what? Things are cleaner State-side.

Okay, that's enough "fun and excitement" for now. Laughing time is over. Go do something constructive.

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