Monday, May 23, 2005

"Live" from Team Lower Gatsby HQ 

It's Mosquito Circus episode 9! You should listen to it and stuff. Show 10 coming soon.

Other notes not MC-related:

- Imagine my disappointment when I tuned in to Fox last night expecting a new episode of Family Guy and was instead greeted with the laughable abomination that is Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. That was dumb. So instead, a group of us watched the last half of the completely insipid Chronicles of Riddick (which none of us had seen before) on HBO. Wow, is that movie bad or what? Incomprehensible as all hell, too. I kind of feel that even seeing the first hour wouldn't matter at all. But also incomprehensible in a way where you'd get lost watching one of it's seizure-inducing, self-contained action scene. Hey, is there a filthier word than the one for the villains in Riddick? Necromunger??? I don't think so. Upon further review, we all decided that as a result of Vin Diesel's not-so-interesting super eye vision in that movie that it should be retitled. Vision Vision: Chronicles would be far more suitable.

Speaking of retitling (or titling for that matter), if they ever make a sequel to Corky Romano -- starring that hack, Chris Kattan -- it should be called, Corky Re-Ramono: Been There, Done That... Again!

- Very much unsurprised by the result of yesterday's Suns/Spurs game. Spurs won by 8 and really didn't wrap it up until Brent Barry hit consecutive wide open three pointers with about 90 seconds to play. It felt like San Antonio never had trouble finding their shot thanks to scoring the majority of their points -- particularly in the first half -- off of mostly uncontested shots and layups in the paint, as well as an abundance of 2nd chance points. Nazr Mohammed was the man in that department. Not like the Suns didn't have their chances, it really felt like it was their game to lose in the 4th quarter, but San Antonio is just a better team and all but has the blueprint on how to contain Phoenix's fast break. I'm stunned that Shawn Marion was the non-factor he was and, seriously, someone remind Quentin Richardson that he's being paid to hit outside shots. That guy is ice cold over the last few games. Yesterday's game one offers me no reason to waver on my earlier prediction of Spurs in six. Why? 'Cause its the NBA. The better always wins. You very rarely ever see an upset in the NBA playoffs. Very rarely.

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