Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I voted yesterday in the Los Angeles mayoral election. Voting: It feels good. Only around less than a third of the electorate turned out to the polls but, the result was hardly surprising. Even though Villaraigosa beat Hahn in a landslide (approx 59-41), I found some junk email in my inbox this morning from the Jim Hahn campaign saying that the exit polls showed a dead heat. I wish I hadn't deleted that immediately. Funny stuff.

Anyway, the LA Times is already doing what every good newspaper should do: holding the man to his word. It might seem hyper-critical given that the V-man was just celebrating his victory last night, but in some ways they are right to challenge his idealism. Sort of reminds me of when you were having school elections in 6th grade and the kid who was voted class president only won because he promised he'd replace the water fountains with coke fountains -- and I'm not talking about the cola, I mean the white gold distributed with ease by our Colombian friends. Bunch of 12 year olds running around the playground strung out on cocaine. I was there. Good times.

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