Tuesday, May 03, 2005

We did it! Reds are in the Finals! Ahhhhh!!!! 

Sweet, sweet victory! Liverpool upset juggernaut Chelsea and are now marching to the Champions League Final! Unbelievable! Perhaps not quite the upset I'm making it out to be as Liverpool has played Chelsea tough in their four previous meetings this season leading up to tonight's win (one draw, four 1 goal losses), so I knew that Liverpool could hang with them. Factor in the added pressure Chelsea had to be feeling as overwhelming favorites (they just won the English Premiership with only one loss all season) and the lingering memories of their semi-final letdown in last season's Champions League, along with the cockiness of their manager, Jose Mourinho, and you can see why the Reds were able to take advantage. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This just made my day.

Semi-related (in as much as it has contributed into making my day), I did traffic school online due to a speeding ticket I picked up a few months back. First of all, fuck "speeding." Secondly, if you ever need to do traffic school, you owe it to yourself to abuse the system online. You can change your answer and access Google as many times as you need!

Go Reds! You'll Never Walk Alone!

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