Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All over the map 

Here's a little round-up about round-ups. Round-up edition:

- Yesterday was eight years to the day since I was last in Cape Town. It's like my own personal D-Day. Only depressing and without the eventual surrender of the Nazis. Not that D-Day wasn't depressing in it's own way, but, you know... eventual Nazi surrender.

- If I've already seen the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys (which is pretty good) and Lords of Dogtown is essentially the exact same movie, only fictionalized, then why would I want to go see Lords of Dogtown? I guess the same question applies to why people bother going to see remakes.

- Speaking of movies, the Mayday screening went off smashingly this past Saturday. Hope Decoyed is really good! Nearly all contestants can claim that. Early word is that the next edition of mayhem will be happening some time in Novemeber. Woot.

- HBO Sunday night: Entourage! Yay! The Comeback? Where's the funny? Couple of small jokes I laughed at with the reality tv cameras (like when the director dives out of the way of the shot), but otherwise... wha happen? I'm going to give it a couple more chances before laying down a definitive verdict.

- NBA Finals: Spurs v. Pistons. Gee. What a shocker that these two made it to the finals. I don't think anyone saw this coming. Oh wait... I forgot about the part where if you've been watching the NBA at all this season, a San Antonio/Detroit Finals was inevitable. Hey, who else here is looking forward to a long and potentially disastrously boring series of 78-74 final scores? Sweet.

I don't think the rest vs tired issue coming out of the Conference Finals will be a factor. Game 1 isn't until Thursday. That's plenty of time for an NBA team, let alone a defending champ, to recover.

I'm sticking with my original call of Spurs in 6. Pistons have been inconsistent at points during this post-season and the Spurs are about as consistent as it gets. Not only that, but they can match the Pistons' defense every step of the way, while providing formidable offense. Detroit may enjoy the advantage on the perimeter, but I'll take Tim Duncan and his rested ankle in this one.

Also, I'm hoping for Darko Milicic to improbably find his way into the starting lineup at some point so that he can be further exposed as a fraud of an NBA player. But that's just me.

- Are we there yet? By "there," I mean, "August 5th" because that's when I supposedly go on brief hiatus from work.

- Going to a couple concerts this week. On Thursday, it's my new band of the moment,
Athlete, at The Troubadour. I'm getting pretty heavy into these guys who just recently released their second album, "Tourist." If you don't know 'em, they have a Coldplay/Keane/Travis vibe to them. Really good stuff. Then on Saturday, I'm seeing Kaiser Chiefs and OKGo at the Hollywood Avalon. Should be good times. It'll be the fourth time I've seen OKGo, whose new record drops August 30th. I'm interested to see Kaiser Chiefs, too. I like about 80% of their album, "Employment," but that 80% is really good. Should be cool.

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