Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Andrew Bynum?! What the crap? That's who the Laker's just snagged 10th overall. I don't know about this. The upside is that he's a physical freak - 7'1", 300lbs. Yipes! The downside is that he's still incredibly raw - only 17 coming out of high school. Behemoth? Unpolished? Put those two together and what do you have? Bingo! A project! Argh! Who knows, maybe he's the next Shaq. Yeah right and maybe he's the next Desagana Diop!

Lakers apparently made him a promise at the #10 spot, but still, argh. All I can say is that he better have a bigger career than Sean May. Diogu went 9th. D'oh... Thankfully, the Lakers went with a big man and avoided the temptation of drafting Gerald Green who is the unlucky prospect taking the pill. As of now, eleven picks have been made and still no Green. The guy was projected top four. There's one of these in every class.

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