Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Go monkey, go! 

- Perry Bible Fellowship in the house.

- My interest in Cinderella Man has never been higher. I'm so pumped to see it for "free."

- Dudes. It's all about Lionel Messi. Argentina vs. Nigeria in the Under 20s final. Lionel Messi is the next great one. And he's proving it in Holland right now.

- Jeremy Roenick has my full support for blasting critics of the NHLPA and candidly speaking his mind.

- Meanwhile, George Steinbrenner has, upon his retirement, willed the New York Yankees to his son in law... a man with no baseball experience who runs a tow truck company in NYC. What? Seriously? Is this the definition of nepatism? Well, yeah! I mean, this guy is essentially George Costanza! He's a fan. Been a "general partner" since '98, but what does that even mean? Is that how long it's been since he married into the family? Wow, man. It takes stones to put the biggest sports team arguably in the world and put them in these green hands.

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