Monday, June 20, 2005

Hall of Horry 

His 1 for 28 shooting nightmare in the 2003 playoffs (leading to his ticket out of LA) not withstanding, Robert Horry freaking rules. Last night, he once again became "Mr. Clutch." He'll never make the Hall of Fame because he is most commonly seen as a role player... who just happens to always find himself on championship teams. If the Spurs win game 6 on Tuesday, it'll be Horry's 6th title. Last night he tied the mark for most playoff games played. Ever. Think about that. It's too bad he'll never make the Hall, but their should be a place where Horry can be remembered long after he retires. He's right there with Reggie Miller for clutch shots. If you need a big time three, you give the ball to Robert. He sunk the winner in overtime last night and single-handedly made this Finals worth a damn.

Favorite Robert Horry moment: Game four, 2002 Western Conference Finals, Lakers vs. Kings. Horry grabs a loose ball and sinks the game-winning three as time expires to lift the Lakers level with Sacto at two games apiece. The Staples Center goes wild.

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