Friday, June 10, 2005

It was never in doubt 

Saw Athlete in concert last night. Great show. It was actually the capper for their first ever tour of the States. Good vibe. I think my enjoyment of the concert was heightened by the antics of this total douche bag standing a few steps in front of us who kept waving his arms around in the air. He was definitely popping pills and "Just trying to enjoy the show." That was his response when we told him to watch the flailing elbows. Anyway, the guy was high as a kite and some poor blonde girl who was at the show by herself was trapped next to him. He was ogling her. She was creeped out. The douche even went so far as to put his fingers around her head and slur, "Isn't this amazing? It's just amazing. It's so fantastic. You're so pretty... (creepy stare)." I was a little pissed at that point, so I stepped in and played the "is there a problem here?" card, then pulled her back to stand with me. She was very thankful. We made out. She left after the show. I don't know her name. All in a night's work.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals. What do you think happened? Duh.

As expected, the Spurs nabbed game one. As expected, Tim Duncan was unstoppable not only on offense, but also defense. Read: Rasheed Wallace - six points, sat out most of the game with four fouls. Really, it was the Spurs' Glenn Robinson (even though he only scored two points in six minutes) who was the catalyst for getting San Antonio into rhythm back in the 2nd quarter, though Duncan and Ginobili shined the brightest. Detroit will come back with some adjustments for game two, to be sure, but I still peg their chances as slim given that the Spurs pretty much had the Finals won back in March when they swindled New York and acquired Nazr Mohammed. Incidentally, solid ten points, seven board game for Mohammed last night.

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