Friday, June 17, 2005

The NBA is in a heap of trouble 

There is one thing clear about this series: It's the worst. Possibly ever! Every game has been a boring blowout, never in doubt for either eventual winner. Heading into last night's game 4, the tv ratings for the Finals were down a whopping 30% from last season. After last night, I'd be stunned if that number didn't balloon to 80%. Unless you live in Detroit or San Antonio, honestly, why in the world would you care to watch any more of this garbage? Does the fact that it's now a best of three series change anything? I refer you to the Pacers/Celtics series from round one (all blowouts) and firmly answer, "NO!"

To be clear, once and for all, I'm not ripping on the low scoring or the defense (only one team is playing any depending on the day). That's not something I "have to get used to." I accept that. My complaint, which is shared by countless others, is that these games are not competitive. None of these games were ever in doubt! Game three is the only maybe, but even then the Pistons were the only team playing for the last 20 minutes in the game. That's exciting??? That's interesting??? Gimme a break.

This is not about parity, its about entertainment. When impartial fans watch the Superbowl, they hope for a close game. It's the same principle here.

Say it with me:

Worst. Series. Ever.

If this is the NBA's swansong before the eventual lockout (there's no doubt there'll be a lockout, both sides are so incredibly selfish) at the end of the month, then God help them. It's absolutely terrible. It's drek! Worst of all, it isn't over yet.

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