Monday, June 27, 2005

New SMRT, Monday is dumb, Weekend was too short 

Issue #7 is up an running for your reading pleasure. I feel a draft.

This weekend was pretty awesome. It wasn't nearly long enough and really the type that just makes you hate Monday mornings. Is there anything more depressing the coming in early to work on a Monday morning? Probably, but for now I'll say there isn't. Some notes on the last four days.

- Land of the Dead - Yup. Definitely a zombie movie. The ending is cringe-worthy. I understand Romero's point in trying to show that while the undead have evolved to a point where they employ primitive communication, the living have evolved too. But c'mon, man! The most obvious sticking point of evolution is that over time only the strong survive. It's kill or be killed. Every evolved sentient being's foremost interest is in self-preservation. So tell me, why would you not kill a freaking zombie?!

- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Friends came over on Friday night and this happened to be on HBO. After having seen it again, the Burton entry seems worse for wear. Hmm...

- Four stops, one night - Saturday was a lot busier than I thought it would be. Started the evening off at a barbecue, then motored over to a surprise birthday dinner at this delightful Japanese restaurant called Gyu Kaku on La Cienega. From there it was off to the far-too-trendy Falcon, an uppity bar on Sunset full of Hollywood types. It was pretty much exactly as I imagined it would be. Wall-to-wall a-holes all looking around, looking cool with their exotic drinks. Thankfully, I was with an awesome crowd and ended up having a blast. After that, off to a "Sake prom" which, as far as I could tell, was a prom where much sake was consumed. Polite guest that I am, I participated. Actively. To the tune of about three quarters of a bottle of cheap whiskey (the rest of which I obsconded with and now sits at home in the kitchen). I remember getting home, but not going to bed. I guess that would explain waking up in my clothes from the night before, shoes still on, lying on top of my made up sheets. My head: it hurt. Nothing a delicious, greasy Fatburger couln't cure, though.

- Hollywood Bowl - Last night was my first experience at this venue. As someone who usually poo-poos giant concert venues, I have to say, I really like the Hollywood Bowl. Not because the performers are tiny dots on the stage, of course. The place just has this kinetic feel to it. The enthusiasm in the crowd is tangible and definitely spurred on by the fact that every single concert goer brought a picnic with them. We were among those. It was grand. The show wasn't too shabby either.

- Arcade Fire - I've heard the cd. I like it. Now, I really like it. They put on a great show. Any band that has a hype man on stage earns an extra ten points in my book. People are running around swapping instruments! The drummer's wearing a helmet! So is some other guy! That stage a fight in the middle of a song! Plus the music was great. Did I mention helmets were worn?

- David Byrne - The headliner of the night, he did not disappoint. Totally enjoyable. High point is definitely when he brought a "marching band" on stage, complete with color guard. Ahem... sexy color guard. Erm... ahem... scantily clad, they-lost-their-tops-and-grinded-on-stage-in-skimpy bikinis-with-pom-poms color guard. At one point, there was a staged orgy, right when David Byrne closed the show with... wait for it... Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Amazing? Um, YEAH! Plus the color guard! I mean... how am I supposed to react to that. Clap? Stare? All I know is my jaw dropped and the rest is pleasantly blurry. Then one of the giant monitors cut to a dude not wearing a shirt and gyrating on stage and that snapped me back to reality right quick. Still, I want to join the color guard so I can writhe on stage with many beautiful ladies and get payed for it. Either that or be the hype man and charge people with a helmet.

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