Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh Craigslist, thou art fairest of the internet oddities 

This is truly extraordinary. Thank the heavens for Craigslist. In times of boredom and in need of laughter, it surely is the cure.

I have a special talent...I use my special place...

Hello boys. I am a 23 year old poet living in the weho area. You may or may not have heard of my work at this point- if you haven't, you surely will sooner or later. I write my poems with a fountain pen that I have placed in my vagina.

Basically, I insert the pen just deep enough so that the tip, or the writing end, is sticking out. Then I squat down over a piece of paper and let the words fall out of my womb, through the pen, and into history. I have written over 2,000 poems in this fashion, and recieved many awards and trophies for my work.

I just wrote one earlier this morning with the intentions of placing it here, in this ad.

O! What sorrows me
My heart
Hath worn!
I need a man
I have no need
For no more porn!
This pen is pleasing
Pen is
That is what I want!


So if you're interested in being with a creative, artful girl like me, reply.
Hope to hear from you soon...lover....

Freaks are funny. Wouldn't you agree... lover?

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