Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SMRT-TV: Issue 6 and other assorted fart noises 

- Mr. and Mrs. Smith certainly has its charms and it is about what I expected, but I was relatively bored for most of the second half of the movie. I was surprised to learn that the film was only two hours. All starts to feel a bit one-note past the halfway mark. The big finish is pretty lame, too. "Hey, Hottie McHot! As a symbol of our love, let us run into the middle of this room and proceed to blow away a veritable army of special agents clad in bullet proof gear by neither evading bullets nor aiming, but rather artfully posing and shooting in a choreographed motion like a new age dance squad."
The End
Vince Vaughn is pretty enjoyable, though.

- Movies in general have been of a pretty middling quality as of late. Tickets were purchased on my behalf for a midnight screening of Batman Begins tonight at Mann's Chinese. I'm not flipping out about it, but have reserved hopes. Hopefully, it's better than the fare that's been hitting the theaters recently.

- I'm really happy that the Michael Jackson trial is over. Hopefully, whatever new tabloid headline replacing it won't drag out for, I don't know, twelve years.

- OK Go still freaking rules! Even when they're the opening act of a three band lineup and only have 30 minutes of stage time, they still manage to blow everyone away and upstage the other acts. This performance at the Avalon was definitely better than when I last saw them at Spaceland. A high-energy band like that benefits greatly from having any room at all on stage. They featured a new dance at the end of their set, too. Hilarious and cool, as always. This was OK Go concert #4 for me. I think it's pretty safe to say they've cemented themselves amongst my favorite bands. Definitely buying the new album on August 30th. You should, too!

- Related to the above, Kaiser Chiefs were okay. Mostly, I was distracted by how 90% of the people around me were 14 years old. That's what I get for going to a KROQ show. The difference between a KCRW show (Athlete, last Thursday) and a KROQ show is vast. Soooo vast. KCRW shows are comprised mostly of college graduates. KROQ shows are comprised mostly of high school freshman (if that!). I felt so old drinking a beer while towering three feet over nearly everyone around me.

- Yay! South Africa! Yay! Oh God am I glad I moved.

- Game 3 of the NBA Finals is tonight and the question has suddenly turned from, "Will anybody be watching this series" (No. Hell no. I have, but really, it is ugly) to "Will the Pistons even win a single game after getting their asses handed to them in games 1 and 2?" Manu Ginobili is a certified star. Tim Duncan, predictably, is having a field day against the Det-riot's "intimidating" front line. Ben Wallace might very well be the most overrated player in basketball. So much for that whole "no blowouts" thing, huh?

- Seriously, guys! Are you reading SMRT-TV? Are you? 'Cause you should, damn it! Hey, I think this guy is the most valuable sports analyst perhaps ever.

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