Monday, July 18, 2005

3rd Season, baby! 

Entourage just got renewed and are looking to knock out more than 13 episodes a season. This is very pleasing news on all fronts. That show is so hot, right now. So hot and so good.

Saw Wedding Crashers this weekend. I digs it. It isn't going to set the world on fire, but Wedding Crashers is definitely a lot of fun. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are just so damn likable and Vaughn hasn't been this funny since Swingers. Some great lines and moments. As expected, the front end of the film is where most of the good jokes are loaded and this isn't a film that had you questioning what would happen next, but it was well worth it. Funny and, I'll tell you what, pretty sincere. Yeah, you know what happens, but at least the movie is honest about it. Although, it takes a bit longer than expected to wrap up. Wilson and Vaughn have such enthusiastic charm. They're like big kids. In fact, that's exactly what they are.

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