Friday, July 08, 2005

Fantastic Fart 

The new Fantastic Four movie is getting shredded in the reviews. Looks like I'll be seeing it tonight, regardless. One thing is for certain: it can not be nearly as bad the Roger Corman bile that was made for about $40 a few years ago. Or can it? Hmm... Hopefully Doctor Doom's mouth piece causes him to sound really muffled and he has to make wild gestures with his arms just to get a simple point across.

Oh, but there is good news for a movie I've had my eye on for quite some time now. 100% rating for Murderball. Check out the trailer. It looks good! You don't even have to like rugby or parapalegics to see it.

I've seen three movies in the past week. Surprisingly, all of them were really good. Brief thoughts on each of those:

War of the Worlds
I thought it was pretty damn great. I only wish they didn't bitch out in the last two minutes, but that doesn't really alter the course of events in the movie -- just would've been that much darker. Otherwise, it's pitch perfect. Some of the shots in this film are incredible and I won't soon forget them. Like the flaming bullet train or the river streaming with dead bodies. It was genuinely creepy. Tom Cruise was fine as a raging a-hole struggling to identify with his kids, but man the whole time I was watching him I couldn't stop thinking, "That's Tom Cruise. He's a crazy Scientologist."

Cinderella Man
It's a really really solid movie. Very strong. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical given the subject matter. The story of boxer Jim Braddock isn't exactly one the father's still tell to their sons when reminiscing about great sports stories (no matter what the trailer says). But it is very compelling indeed. Top notch from Crowe, of course. My only complaint is the portrayal of Max Baer, the antagonist, who is made to look like somewhat of a monster rather than the light-hearted jokester he actually was. Some of Baer's moments are a little more cringe-worthy than others, but really nothing else to complain about. Again, solid movie. One of the better sports movies I've seen.

Yo, Rize. Clowns! Krump! It's crazy. The insane dancing is more satisfying than any special effect you'll see this summer. Period. Maybe a little heavy at points in the third act, but done so with purpose. Those heavy points are necessary for a slice of life documentary about what life is actually like in South Central set against this bizarre new style of dance. Really energetic, very uplifting. I recommend it highly. The structure and pacing were a little off at times and there were moments of straight music video, but you forgive those flaws because what is on the screen is so captivating. I couldn't go to bed after watching Rize.

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