Thursday, July 28, 2005

In the news 

Because I am - you guessed it - bored already.

- The IRA lays down their arms for good. This is amazing! Incredibly welcome news.
Speaking in Dublin this afternoon, West Belfast MP Mr Adams said: "There is an enormous responsibility on us to seize this moment and to make Irish freedom a reality.

"I would urge all Irish nationalists and republicans, including those who have shown such commitment as volunteers of the IRA, to put their undoubted talents and energy into building a new Ireland."

I love it. It seems that now we can cross Belfast off the "I'd live anywhere but there" list.

- Bob Goodenow is stepping down as NHLPA boss. This is cause for celebration. No really, there should be a big party thrown right now! Two parties! One can be pajama-themed! Goodenow single-handedly destroyed the resolve of the NHL players association without opposition having to lift a finger. Their union looks a million times worse than the NBA's thanks to the new CBA. Not that I'm complaining. I get my hockey back. But the players should be pissed that Goodenow screwed them so badly, turning down sweet deal after sweet deal until they had to settle for rags. No one will miss you, Bob Goodenow. No one.

- Yo, check this out. Echinacea is a placebo. Doesn't do anything. Worthless. How about that?

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