Friday, July 01, 2005


Nothing like inviting bonafide terrorists to be a part of your cabinet. This sham of a Palestinian state just reduced it's half-life ten fold. "Hey, you. Yes you, the wildly violent fundamentalist mercenaries. Yes, come join us in forming a legitimate government. I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition." It's nothing short of absurd. While we're at it, why doesn't the USA just appoint a group of Montana militiamen to congress. It's really no different at all. At all.

Then, of course, Sandra Day abruptly retired from the Supreme Court, further clouding our otherwise sunny skies. We'll see how sour that situation will turn. My guess is that it will be pretty painful.


Fortunately, life provides welcome distractions. Like the Oakland A's having won eleven of their last twelve games. All thanks to the return of Bobby Crosby to the lineup really. Probably still have no shot of catching Anaheim in the division, but now we're flirting with .500 which seemed unthinkable back in May. Go A's!

Additionally, headline of the day.

And finally, Jon Stewart leaves us with a moment of zen.

I'm outta work in less than an hour. Lil' bro is coming to town for the long weekend. Things are well.

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