Friday, July 29, 2005

Let's play the "Go Kill Yourself" game 

Unfortunate? Sure. Tragic? You could say that. An accident? Well, not if you believe in Darwinism. Morbidly hilarious? In concept, yes. Hell yes. The "Passing Out Game?" Amazing. Hey, how long until the "Stab Yourself Game" hits elementary schools?

"Nathan Hoiosen, a school resource officer with the Nampa Police Department, said youngsters think the choking game offers a safe buzz compared to drinking or doing drugs.

"You wish you could just take the kids and shake them and say, 'What are you thinking?'" Hoiosen said."

Shake them? How about slap the shit out of them? And no, I don't believe in child abuse, but I'll be damned if any child of mine* doesn't understand the concept of breathing.

*As of today, I have no children... that I know of.

Also, it's Friday! This weekend promises to include many scandalous moments. Cheers.

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