Friday, July 08, 2005

You are so cut 

Okay, so baseball and softball have been dropped from the program for the 2012 Olympics. I'm fine with that, I suppose. Both have a limited appeal, globally, and are very America-centric (although baseball is exploding in the Americas and Asia, so there is plenty of room for debate). I'm sure the lack of interest from any European countries had everyting to do with it. However, the following events will remain in the Summer Games:

Table Tennis
Equestrian (!!!)

And the list goes on. Seriously, equestrian holds a place over baseball? We're talking about sports, right? You know... sports?

Another mystery of the Olympic Games: Why hasn't rugby been added to the roster? Specifically rugby union? It's a sport that has reached the full international level and would certainly garner interest from Olympic spectators.

Equestrian? For crying out loud...

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