Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bill Frist is enlightened 

And that makes him a bad person? This headline appeared on cnn.com after Frist proposed that more funding be invested in stem cell research, breaking ranks with the President on the issue: "Frist not invited to evangelical rally."


Anyone want to tell me how this is a bad thing? Not invited to an evangelical rally? That's like saying, "You're free to think and do whatever you like and we're giving you a billion dollars." Oh, and be sure to check out the results of the poll question on that CNN page asking, "Was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist right to break with President Bush over funding for human embryonic stem cell research?" It's comforting (the people!) and discomforting (opposed by the administration!) at the same time.

Elsewhere is Fundamental Christian world, there's a watchdog group attacking Bible study in public schools. Makes sense to me. Separation of Church and State and all that good stuff. Then I read the article and it's revealed that the Bible study is an elective. Well, you know, I suppose that sounds okay.


What's this? This section that immediately follows the preceding statement. What's that say?

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller said her group looked at the course after the Odessa school board voted in April to offer the class. It asked Southern Methodist University biblical scholar Mark A. Chancey to review the curriculum.

Chancey's review found that the course characterizes the Bible as inspired by God, that discussions of science are based on the biblical account of creation, that Jesus is referred to as fulfilling Old Testament prophecy, and that archaeological findings are erroneously used to support claims of the Bible's historical accuracy.

He said the course also suggests the Bible, instead of the Constitution, be considered the nation's founding document.

"No public school student should have to have a particular religious belief forced upon them," the Rev. Ragan Courtney, pastor of The Sanctuary, a Baptist congregation in Austin, said at a news conference held by Texas Freedom Network.

Unbelievable. The right can shove it (and I'm not even planted on the left!).

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