Monday, August 01, 2005

The End of the Road 

No, not Boyz II Men-style. Talking about the upcoming documentary that a couple friends are putting together. They just set out on the road this past weekend for 19 days of mayhem across this far-too-big country. Check out the trailer and keep up with their findings by reading their blog which will chronicle the chaos of the production and the woes of the road. I'm gonna! Best of luck guys.

Couple unrelated knick-knacks...

- Wedding Crashers has actually CLIMBED to #1 at the box office in it's third week of release. That's some serious staying power, right there and also a great big neon sign of how much the public wanted an enjoyable, funny, adult comedy. Hope Hollywood is paying attention.

- Anybody been watching Six Feet Under the last few weeks? 'Cause Nate is dead.

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