Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fun at the workplace 

You know how there are themed days of the week at an office? "Casual Fridays" or "I hate Mondays?" Well, I've come up with another one:

"Wife-beater Wednesdays"

The shirt of course. You know? Everyone can wear wife-beaters. It'll be great. I call official dibs on marketing this one.

Shifting gears, I was watching some TV last night and happened to turn on HBO Comedy right when The Godfather Part III began. Before I knew it, I was watching the whole thing. Haven't seen it since high school and it's not that bad, but there were some things I had forgotten since I was 17. For example, did you know George Hamilton is in this movie?! As the family lawyer, no less! That blows my fucking mind! And what's worse, I know it shouldn't. Because who cares about George Hamilton? That's right. Nobody.

After III, the channel magically turns to Lifetime because, damn it, the first episode of The Golden Girls spinoff, The Golden Palace is on... starring Don Cheadle! Cheadle circa 1992! Amazing! The sides of his head were completely shaved, he sported a pair of diamond earings, and flashed this outrageous tie that screamed, "gay." That was something.

Then after that, an episode of The Golden Girls comes on in which Blanche is falsely accused of having an affair with a local congressman. Eventually, the congressman confesses that not only did he not have an affair with Blanche (the thrust of the episode), but he also happened to...

Wait for it...

...be a woman! He had a sex change in 1968. This has nothing to do with anything! Awesome!

Lastly, A's beat the Twins 2-1 last night. We're on fire, bitches!

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