Thursday, August 04, 2005

Glory be! 

One of my favorite hockey players is coming to Los Angeles. I love it. Roenick is 35, yes, but the guy still plays at All-Star caliber. This move coupled with the signing on Tuesday of Slovakian super-scorer Pavel Demitra from the Blues have the Kings looking pretty sharp on offense. I'd love to see a line consisting of Roenick, Demitra, and Alexander Frolov. Now that's a power play.

Of course, Kings wouldn't have got Roenick if Philadelphia didn't just snatch up the best player in the game in Peter Forsberg. I like the moves the Flyers are making. They have acquired very formidable defensemen to patrol the blue line and Forsberg gives you a better chance to win the Stanley Cup than anybody else.

Also making big waves is Edmonton, which is fairly surprising. But yesterday they pulled the trigger on deals to acquire Chris Pronger and Michael Peca with out giving up a whole lot. Watch out for the Oilers.

The success of teams like the Kings, Flyers, and Oilers in this mad mad mad mad free agent frenzy (so far) obviously has to result in other teams suffering. Right now, the two taking on the most damage are St. Louis and Colorado.

I've said it before, but I've never seen or experienced anything quite like this free agent period. This truly is a new era in the NHL. Teams to keep an eye on in the coming weeks:
- Anaheim - Just signed Scott Niedermayer, now being run by Super General Manager, Brian Burke (formerly of Vancouver)
- Boston - Just nabbed Brian Leetch, in a good position financially to make more big moves
- Pittsburgh - Just signed Sergei Gonchar and how attractive is the opportunity to play with both Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby?

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