Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Indulge me 

Can't stop thinking about: The last 15 minutes of the series finale of Six Feet Under. I thought it was terribly powerful and probably the best possible "curtain call" that show could've devised for it's characters. It shook me pretty hard.

Can't stop playing with: This bikini-clad woman and her free fall through the sky, interrupted periodically by large atoms. Hat tip to Berto for pointing this out on his site a while back. Speaking of which, I want an update, buddy.

Turned down: A job offer. I received one today from out of nowhere. Would've been a promotion and outside of the company - which means more money, naturally. Why didn't I take it? The gig only lasts eleven days. Deal-breaker. My current job is set to run through April.

Overheard at lunch: Stunning ignorance. Eating with people older than myself. I'd like to think they're folks of intelligence. One is regailing the group about his recent trip around the world. He notes that the most fun he had was in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls. One guy asks the storyteller, "What is that? Is that like their big thing?" My eyes are pretty wide at this point, but the storyteller calmly confirms. Then, a woman asks, "What country is that?" Cue loud sigh from my end of the table. My goodness, people. Incidentally, the woman asking what country Pamplona is in also had never heard of Nelson Mandela until about two weeks ago. Mind-blowing. And my God my co-worker's face still looks like a freaking handbag! Must... Not... Ridicule...

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