Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's all just so damn funny, isn't it? 

The Florida Marlins suspended their bat-boy for six games because he hurled on the field after accepting a bet that he couldn't drink a gallon of milk in under an hour without chundering. If this isn't baseball's story of the year, it certainly is the funniest. This brief write-up encapsulates almost everything that is whacked out about the national past time. I love that the kid was dared by a major league pitcher, who was such a tight ass about the time-frame that he wouldn't part with a measly (to him) $500. Hell, why not bet the kid he can't pass a steroids test after juicing up? He'd only be suspended four more games! Priorities, people.

Anyway, got a lot of time on my hands at work, right now. What better way to kill them than by surfing the internet for web-comics? One of my faves, a softer world, linked to a strip that is rather hit and miss. But when it hits, it's fantabulous! Here's White Ninja.

And here.

More Ninja.

I'd link a few more selections, but you get the idea. Oh, here, have another.

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