Saturday, August 13, 2005

This makes me want to punch everyone in the face 

Crap like this just makes my blood boil. I'm literally seething. Why? Well, it's a simple game of "I told you so." Giving up Gaza alone will not appease these Hamas fucks who continually reject any notion of uniformity with the PA. They're interested in two things: blood and the total destruction of Israel -- both of which I take personal issue with. But then, how dilluded is Abbas?
Speakers at Friday's event insisted all festivities marking the pullout would take place under the official Palestinian flag — a warning to Hamas over its plans for its own military-style celebrations. Abbas also claimed credit for the Gaza pullout, promising that the West Bank and Jerusalem would be next.

The West Bank and Jerusalem?! What a fucking pipedream. Odds are that Hamas would assassinate him anyway before either is ever mentioned again.
God, it makes me angry. If you're symapthetic to the other side and their "refugees" (my fucking ass! You don't repeatedly try to invade a country and then when you're unsuccessful, whine that life is unfair!) then you're out of touch and I honestly don't think I could repsect you as a person. Yes, I understand they're not all the same, but with respect to those in power, yes they are. Again, the militants (And don't fucking kid yourself, they're the ones who have always been in charge) won't stop until Israel is destroyed. How the fuck can you support that?!

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