Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's the deal with airline peanuts? 

I'm sure that everyone has noted the nation's recent obsession with childhood obesity. Sure, we've been aware of it, but lately there's been a massive flare-up. Yesterday, driving home from work, I glimpsed what is now my current favorite billboard. On it is a pediatrition (one would assume) with an aloof, yet concerned look on her face. Next to her, a caption:

"Childhood Obesity, don't take it lightly."

Between the woman's frumpy look and the word play, I don't know - it tickles me. Greatly.

I think it's impossible for any use of the Kool-Aid Man not to be funny. Love that Perry Bible Fellowship.

I don't know why I've yet to mention the following here, but a couple weeks ago I attended a party. It was fun, 70s-themed -- more accurately, Three's Company-themed. But the highlight of the night, in my mind, was the valet service hired by the hosts. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best thing ever: Valet of the Dolls. How's that for best pun ever? Throwing a party in a neighborhood where street parking is atrocious? Hire these ladies. Attractive women parking cars. I tell you what... it's brilliant. Sometimes I feel so lucky to live in Los Angeles.

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