Friday, August 05, 2005

What's on tap for the next two weeks? 

Well, I'll be sleeping in and spending full afternoons on the couch in my underwear scratching myself and burpring a furious storm while watching reruns of The Golden Girls on Lifetime.

Ahem... or something like that. Probably not like that at all. Vegas will be happening, though, and that will be a sweet sweet release.

Today is my last day of work before this hiatus begins. It also happens to be my boss' birthday. Here is what is slated for the day:
- Show up, eat cake, have celebratory birthday celebrations of a celebratory nature.
- Goof off for a couple hours, signing up co-workers for various spam alerts and the like. Side note: I received spam today about mortgage rates from, "Refugio Young." Best. Name. Ever.
- Then its off to some fancy steakhouse (the name of which, I forget -- great details, right?) at noon for what promises to be some excellent dining. Our boss - the birthday girl (lady) - insists on paying. She's loaded.
- After that, it's off to the movies to see Hustle and Flow. With the boss, no less.

So. How's your day at work?

Once more: Refugio Young. Wow.

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