Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Beware of a sexual beast!" 

That's a warning from "Dan Preda" as he does his damnedest to spam Cialis pills on me.

I can't say enough about how wretched spam mail is, but every once in a while they offer a twinkle of light; a glimmer of sunshine. Then I delete them like so many forwards I don't care to read.

Anyway, I just felt like touching on the "big bad blackout" that Los Angeles has a couple days ago. If you actually live in LA and didn't know about it, don't worry. It really wasn't anything dire at all. If you lived outside the city, you probably heard a different story. One that was created out of, um, pretty much nothing. Some of you have probably already read this on Begum, but whatever. I find it really irritating.

At work, suddenly the power goes down at about 12:30pm. You just here everything generator and editing suite powering down in unison, followed immediately by a loud mass groaning from all the people who didn't save their work. We were down for an hour. It was boring. My department actually just kept on working, reading transcripts and the like. We were told within 20 minutes that apparently a power line being cut in the valley was responsible for the lapse. That cut line forced power sources from other parts of the city to try compensate for the loss in Sherman Oaks, causing them to go down one after the other (downtown, Culver City, Glendale, Hollywood, etc, etc). Let me say, again, that we found this out in 20 minutes. TWENTY. Now, how long do you think Fox News held out before divulging that info, letting everyone outside of LA dangle in fear to literally scare up ratings? It was barely an event, but you wouldn't know that from the news coverage it got while it was happening. My parents called me from out of state much later in the day to see if I was alright. Naturally, I was. But what they were seeing and hearing on Fox News told a different story, one that worked them into a panic with news' alarmist interviews and conjecture. Hell, did they even look into the situation at all before blurting out the word "terrorist" like it was going out of style? I say, "Fuck Fox News." In fact, "Fuck all the news." No newscast in this country is happy unless they're frightening the viewership into abandoning reason.

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