Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hey, football. Be nice! 

I mean, really. Football, in it's many incarnations, has hurt my feelings lately. Particularly South African football where the soccer team is an embarrassment, right now; eliminated from World Cup contention. The rugby team was snake-bitten over the weekend when New Zealand beat the Aussies to steal the Tri-Nations title (2nd biggest honor in rugby union) on a tie-breaker. Big thanks to the Australia for rolling over. Pfft.

And then, of course, in the States college football still doesn't make any sense.

All of this hurts my feelings. So be nice, football!

Thankfully, the NFL kicks off tonight with Oakland vs. New England. You might have noticed that I'm excited about the new season, yes? Indeed, I am. And I'm pretty pleased with the way my fantasy team looks, thank you. See for yourself. I ended up randomly being drawn to the 2nd pick and actually debated whether to take Peyton Manning over Shaun Alexander. I deferred to the super running back as RBs are at a priority. Would rather not have taken Ahman Green in the second round, but he was the best available top back. Getting Terrell Owens in the third made me very happy. In fact, I think the only selection I wasn't thrilled to make was TJ Duckett. It was a panic play. But everyone else that I targeted magically fell to me -- which is unreal and surely can be appreciated by any sports crazies who've done a fantasy draft. Almost always, the guy you want gets nabbed one pick ahead of you. Randomly, it looks like I'm going to be rooting for the Packers a lot this season and week 6 is going to be a real bitch when half my time has a bye week.

Aaaaand, I'm in the suicide pool for the fourth year running, this time with three entries. I felt like I had to. Sue me. Tempted as I was to make New England one of those three selections for week one (Jerry Porter is a game time decision for Oakland tonight, which could throw their whole offense -- their only hope of winning -- off-balance) I didn't want to immediately begin rooting against the Raiders. I figure I need at least one week of being honest. So in lieu of that, my three best bets for the week are:

(drumroll) Home team in CAPS

MINNESOTA over Tampa Bay
CAROLINA over New Orleans
St. Louis over SAN FRANCISCO

While we're at it, the rest of week one:

*Thursday night - NEW ENGLAND over Oakland
PITTSBURGH over Tennessee
Houston over BUFFALO
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND
Denver over MIAMI
WASHINGTON over Chicago
Arizona over NY GIANTS
Green Bay over DETROIT
SAN DIEGO over Dallas
*Sunday night - BALTIMORE over Indianapolis
*Monday night - Philadelphia over ATLANTA

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