Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Huh? and Wha? 


The Iranians -- yeah those Iranians -- have made an interesting proposal to the USA. Basically, they'll give us 20 million barrells of oil for Katrina relief if we lift sanctions on Tehran. It's really some food for thought. This strikes me, however, as something akin to a deal with the devil. Lift those sanctions and you've helped a monster become fully-formed and capable of atrocity. If I'm in power, I don't know. Tough call. I probably say, "No thanks." We have allies who will help us ride out this crisis without asking for compensation.


An excerpt from one of the castmembers on the new season of the show. What can I say about it? New house, different assholes. Anyone, this guy actually happens to be a nice, bright kid. Here's his response to whether he expects to find any romance during the upcoming season. Enjoy!

Going down to Key West, I really don't care what happens, and if I meet a great girl I meet a great girl, but I did remember to put condoms in my bag. I was hugging my sister goodbye, and I don't know why I think of condoms with my sister. I think it's because she sent me a box of them. When I lost my virginity, she sent me a box of condoms for Valentine's Day, and so whenever I, I c - - for some reason I always look at her, and I'm like, wait a minute. What do I, what am I missing? I'm, oh, condoms. So then my mom wanted to go get them. I was like, no, Mom, I'll get them. Don't, yeah, yeah. So it was kind of embarrassing, but I, I did bring them. Uh, it doesn't mean anything more than, uh, uh, just in case, and uh, uh, yeah I'm excited about meeting new people and, and if there happens to be a great girl, who knows what could happen?

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